Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Two.

Before i recap the day, i heard some sad news about my bff Nars' mom's dog who has to be put to sleep.  It totally knocked the wind out of me.  My sister texted me:  
Imagine how ums would cope if we lost Meems.  She would be totally inconsolable.  :(  i am so, so sad for her mom.
The thing is, we all know why God made dogs.  They are man's companion on earth.  Our souls connect and they speak to us constantly with their eyes and furry bodies, provide us comfort, and give us unconditional love.  If you're a dog owner, you know that somehow, in some strange and mysterious way, you and your dog have an understanding.  And when you share those special moments with your dog, you know without a doubt that your dog has a soul.  I have no doubt that when they die, they pass on to heaven.  It may sound silly and Disneyish, but do you doubt it?  No.  I have lots of loved pets who've died throughout my childhood and teen years and i know eventually Pips will die... she's 10 yrs old in March.  But it is comforting to know that i'll see her again someday.  

I imagine God has a dog up there. 

Love u Nars!


The accent. The damn british accent. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE talking with a faux british accent. In my own mind, I've perfected it. I think I went an entire 3 days conversing w/ an accent. Wells at work, the designer/assistants speak with this accent. And when I hear it...I follow. I hopped into the elevator and one of the British walked closely behind.  When we were standing side by side, i turned and blurted, "Halloi"! He looked at me like this: O.o I grinned sheepishly and looked down.

I find shelter in cabs. Yellow mobile fortresses that shield me from the painfully brisk air, allowing me to take a breather from a day of running around the city.  At night, i have a moment to calm the spinning after a couple drinks.

I got scared to drink last night... my call times are so early and I couldn't imagine what my day would be like hungover.  So when I got to the apartment, i had a glass of pinot noir (my favorite wine) and passed out.

Today, I morphed into Nars. I drank sugar-free red bull all throughout the day. I basically consumed anything with caffeine in it. I ate steamed veggies for my sole meal.  Speaking of which...what I've realized is that in the fashion world, a normal meal throughout a hectic day consists of grapes, cereal, non-fat yogurt and steamed veggies. Period. I get it, image is everything... and i knew this is how it is... but man.  to be immersed in this alien existence... it's a headtrip.  it's been smashed into my head how important skinniness is in fashion. It's not superficiality... it's reality. 
I had to stock __'s fridge w/ grapes, grapes, grapes, fat free sliced deli chicken breast, cereal, yogurt, and that's it.  That's it!  You read the mags about so-and-so eating light dinners of steamed fish or grilled chicken breast and veggies and working out... NO.  lies.  it's anorexia at it's finest thriving in it's best environment - the fashion world.  and every day is a negative calorie day w/ the amount of working and scurrying about in 5" louboutins.

4am call time tomorrow.

Peace out, lovas.


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