Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Five.

Slowly but surely, everything is coming together. I cannot believe that within the time I've been in NY, I probably slept for a total of 6 hours. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Watch, as soon as I get to Atlanta I'll probably be completely antisocial and hibernate for a week. My body completely detests me right now. Too much smoking, too much drinking, too little eating, too little sleeping...etc. I've mutated into one of those fashion frenzy zombies. Even jacked up on taurine, my mind is fuzzy and my motor skills are slower.

But I can't complain...because I'll never get a chance like this again.

I think chance encounters are magical.  It's the forces of nature that bring people together...or apart I guess. My mom calls it "ooo-yun", or fate. I believe in the stars, I always have.

Whenever I think of the Greats... Elizabeth, Audrey, Natalie Wood, Vivien Leigh, Marilyn...I never really care to know about who they married or who they dated.  I always imagine the stories behind those bittersweet romances that led to heartaches.  Those relationships that could have been, but would never be in this lifetime.  Those "almost" moments.  Missed opportunities.  Unfortunate life timing.  Strange.

16 hour day and it finished with a practice walk through. Everything is so precise and exact. I've been thinking, fashion production is a sadistic job. All the stress and emotion that goes into producing a show is aging and basically sucks the life out of u...but. It is an adrenaline rush. I'm a junkie like that. Har har.


This is what just took place.

I love that i can update u guys in realtime!  I'm sorry my days are all sort of jumbled.  My call times are either 4am or 6am and i go home at around 11pm.  I'm totally ground-lagged and hopped on uppers to keep me going.  By the way, at around 10:47 am this morning, i made eye contact w/ Anna Wintour.  she was two feet away from me and i could smell her perfume and see her aura.

12:44pm.  i'm getting into a cab at this very moment.  It's all over.  The culmination of 18 hr days for 6 straight days and the final product - a beautiful show.  After it was all done, VB asked me, "can i trouble you for a napkin or tissue?"  I replied, "Sure!" and proceeded to run in my heels all the way to the kitchen to get her a cocktail napkin as fast as possible.  When i handed it to her, she proceeded to spit out her gum.

And then she turned to me and said,

"Here, you can have that."

No, not the used napkin w/ her gum.  She handed me something else.  Inside a knitted crochet bag... a long draped gold chain necklace accented w/ white and gray stones.  Very vintage.  Very elegant.  I'm still slightly confused cos her line doesn't carry any jewelry.  Did she hand me something that someone else gave her that she didn't want?  Where did it come from?  Is it her own?  Who knows.  In a room full of press--editors, bloggers, writers, photographers, celebrities--i didn't have the nerve to even exclaim, "ooh! what's this!"  but rather smiled an understood thank you and quickly shoved it in my pocket.  But i thought it was so nice coming from someone who doesn't have to be nice; from someone surprisingly very down-to-earth.

Ps.  I forgot to mention, On Day 2, i picked up one of her hair extensions that fell on the floor!  Hilarious!      

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