Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day One.

My new favorite word combo:  company card.

I stepped out at 6:45 this morning and the cold brisk air stabbed me like a million steak knives.  First, to find the nearest starbucks.  Luckily there was one 2 blocks from Jung Unnie's place.  After that, it's TAKE OFF.  Fast forward cab rides, steaming $10,000 dresses, the hottest gay assistants, signing nondisclosure agreements (i can't even blog about who i'm working for-or even tell my friends and family), 4 sugar free red bulls,  anorexic 6ft mutant flawless femmebot models, "Astrid, move the dresses away from the window, i'm afraid someone will long zoom them," a delish hot blue-eyed blonde-haired body guard, endless rows of Louboutins, and countless omg, I can't believe I'm here moments.

When the whirlwind finally subsided and the glitter of the day settled to my feet, I retreated to my phone to text my loved ones about the experience and tell them all the top secrets and inside scoops.  I floated back to Jung Unnie's place and I didn't mind the cold. I didn't mind the fact that I had to sneak away earlier to wobble to cvs to buy dr.scholls cushion pads cos I was on my feet all day, nonstop...rushing...rushing...full-out running.  But nothing could ruin this surreal day.

Whenever I'm traveling, I always carry the same exact things: white blackberry with pink case Nars gave me + charger, 2 packs of hubba bubba, 1 bag of peppermints, lipgloss, itouch, moleskin, green tea bag, apple cider packets, smokes, black ferregamo wallet uncle chass bought me 4 yrs ago for Christmas, shisedo compact and anick goutal petit cherie.

Today's jams on repeat consisted mainly of old school britney.  U know, when she had a python around her neck and was skinny and sexy.  Not hillbilly and chubby like she is now.  Even though britbrit is trying to make a comeback, she'll never be what she once was. This gets me to thinking...if I'm already 26, turning 27 this year, am I never gonna get back to those old glory days?

Also, most of the freaks of nature giraffe robot looking models that came in today were 16. I mean, COME ON!!! Sixteen-year-olds, wearing 10K dresses?!  I mean, COME THE FREAK ON!!  *whispers under breath* ...bitches.  When i was 16, i was in Tommy Hilfiger mens boxers under baggy jeans.  (i thought i was in TLC or Young Turks Club). 

ALSO!! I read in NY magazine the most interesting article about how mens' libidos are decreasing drastically due to the access of porn in today's society.  You can watch porn in your Samsung Vibrant at work on the pooper.  (or so i hear).  Men in their 30's have increasingly begun to see doctors cos they can't get it up like they used to. John Mayer told Playboy that there was a time where he saw 300 internet vaginas before getting out of bed at 9am. Gross. John Mayer's talent and personality are grossly mismatched.  Anyways, I couldn't put the magazine down.

Tomorrow's gonna be another dreamday. Catch u on the flip side.  I feel like i'm on a high and slowly, slowly coming down.  I feel really dorky, smiling to myself and staring out the window.  Here's the view from Jung Unnie's place overlooking the Hudson.  Romantic, isn't it? 


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