Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Three.

All natural organic plain toasted almonds. All day long people all around me gobble them up like birds. And today, I became one of those birds. To survive, I ate the only thing I could find...almonds. They're so bland I feel like I'm eating bark off a tree like that hippie wild life man that refuses to wear shoes and eats greens and bugs.  But when the day gets hectic, there's no time to eat and u can't be picky.

I think I walked about 15 miles today.  I'm not directionally challenged but I always forget which direction is North. So what usually happens is that I end up walking about 3 avenues the wrong way, and then I have to back track...which sucks monkey balls.

There are 2 body guards today:  one blonde-hair-blue-eyed and one brown hair brown eyed. It's the durndest thing...blonde-hair-blue-eyed people kinda scare me. I have this mental picture from children of the corn and it is just plain CREEPS! The brown haired one is sooo nice though....every time I walk by, he starting singing Georgia on my mind. *blush* Don't get me wrong, they're both beautiful specimens! I mean, u kinda have to be to work as a body guard in this industry. Hotter? More biznaz. No? As sad as it is...inner beauty doesn't matter nearly as much as outer...unless you're one of those weird androg models that looks sooo gross but are "model pretty".

Today, I spent literally ALL day in a mansion/ the ones you see in movies. The place is being rented out to do presentations during fashion week. Basically, carpenters, interiors, stylists have all been working like crazy transforming this already beautiful piece of real estate into a place u can only dream about. I never knew how huge brownstones actually were.  It almost makes it feel like it's not Manhattan. My favorite is the spiral staircase. It  is unbelievably romantic. And I digs it. Basically, every room in the house is being transfigured into specified room: styling room, casting room, changing room, production room...etc. I had no idea how much went into throwing a show. It's intense. No one has been sleeping and everyone just works round the clock. Like mutant zombies.  D-day is Sunday. And how about my call time is 4am. So I'll have to be up around 2am I guess. I'm gonna be sleeping a lot when I get back to the A.  I'm going on 1 hour fifteen mins of sleep and my fauxlashes are getting EXTRA heavy.

Aaaaand although my hours are redonk, I still end up hitting the scene to see friends. And I always end up having a great time when kickin it with Dina, Franklin, James, Gene and Hannah. At Hiro, I saw this girl straight up bust out a pipe and smoke a shitton of weed. No on seemed to care, but that shit stunk up my clothes. I ABHOR the smell of weed. Anyway, 2 days left...let's make it good!!


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