Monday, May 24, 2010

the REAL hangover

@ Vanity, Hard Rock Hotel.

Paramedics: “What city are we in?”
Peas: “Los Angeles.”
Paramedics: “Um…WHAT city?”
Peas: getting annoyed “LOS ANGELES!!”
Suzanne: under her breath, “ahem…”

The paramedic scolds Suzanne for trying to help me with the correct answer. After a few more minutes of dropping hints here and there I finally get the answer right,

Peas: “Uh…Vegas?”

I woke up hungover in my apartment in Koreatown one Friday morning, and the next thing I know, I’m in a car on my way to Vegas.  I kept thinking….eh, one night in Vegas isn’t so bad.  I mean, how much can one night of drinking really do anyway? HAHA. Well I was just about to learn my lesson. We arrived @ Aria after dinnertime. We checked in, dropped our stuff off and basically sprinted to the club.

BTW…I hate Aria.  The interior decorator basically created a ginormous steakhouse.  Everything is this ugly dark oak color and it looks cheap, not modern. I felt like I was walking into a small town casino like Harrahs or something.  Vegas is supposed to about excess. You’re supposed to walk into a hotel and be transported to a castle of marble lobbies, gilded fixtures, elegant everything!!!  Ugh.

Anyway, Suz and I pounded shots at the bar like it was last call.  MIStake.  We finally got our table next to the DJ booth @ Vanity, the nightclub in the Hard Rock.  And the drinking commenced.  My problem is that whenever someone hands me a drink, I just chug it.  Plus, when you hit a certain stage in your debauchery, everything tastes the same anyway.  One min, we were shaking our booties, the next, I was hunched over a toilet dry heaving and trembling.  I knocked Suz sober.  I think she was scared too.  I guess we were in the stall for about an hour because the next think I remember is getting questioned by paramedics. 

Paramedics pull Suzanne aside.

Paramedic: “If you can’t get her up and back to the hotel, we’re going to have to take her to the hospital.”

Poor Suz.  She practically carried me out.  It was only 12:30am.  What really irked me was the next day, I told someone I got roofied and they thought I was lying.  Fucking ridiculous.  HELLO, i've been roofied before!  i've got experience!  Anyway, we had to check out, so we packed our things and went to the cabana @ Liquid.  I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open and not look sick.  I lasted about 15 minutes and I passed out.  After I woke up, I started feeling a bit more like myself and became social again.  I met a lot of great, interesting people who if it weren’t for them, Vegas would have been a total epic fail.

Thanks Suz. You’re an absolute angel.  If it weren't for her, I'd probably be lying in a hospital getting my stomach pumped or a shady vegas wedding chapel wearing an elvis costume and tying the knot with some homeless man. 

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