Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For me, i'd say the crazysexiest, chemistry-matched power duo is Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Separately they're already multimillionaires, and together.... they're gratuitously rich.
They never address their relationship to the public.  They neither confirm nor deny.  In all interviews and press inquiries, they graciously pass on questions regarding the other... to the point where it's been noted that in public, they're like two blocks of ice.  But when you see sneaky snaps of them, you can tell they're perfect for each other.  When I start thinking like a relationship cynic (ie. monogamy's barely hanging in there!), which has been pretty frequent lately, i look at J & B and marvel at how wonderful it must be to have found your true, undeniable equal. They've been together since 2002 ("Me and My Girlfriend") and are still going strong.  They are by far, my favorite power couple.

I've also been really feeling rachel zoe...like a lot a lot.

So, yeah...she has bones everywhere and you can see her sternum... and her face looks like an asshole... but you've gotta admit, zoe (pronounced ZOH) knows what she's doing.  (my sister says "PS! She's Jewish!")

“The nature of what, or who, is a celebrity has expanded. We aren’t saving lives here, but we are creating images, and images create opportunities in a lot of areas.”

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