Sunday, May 16, 2010


Priest (to dismayed house servant):  
So we'll use wooden spoons.
I don't want to hear anything more about it.   

Officer arrives to Priest's home and rap on door with an apprehended Valjean.

Officer:  I'm sorry to disturb you.
Priest:  You caught him!
Officer:  I had my eye on this man.
Priest:  Thank God.
(turning to Valjean)
I'm very angry with you, Jean Valjean.

Officer:  (taken aback by the Monseigneur's black eye)
What happened to your eye, monseigneur?!?

Priest:  Didn't he tell you he was our guest?
Officer:  Oh, yes.
After we searched his knapsack
and found all this silver...
he claimed...
that you gave it to him.

Priest:  Yes. Of course
I gave him the silverware.
(to Valjean in faux dismay)
But why didn't you take the candlesticks?
That was very foolish.
(to housekeeper, hurriedly)
Mme Gilot, fetch the silver candlesticks.
They're worth at least -- francs.
Why did you leave them? Hurry!
M. Valjean has to get going.
He's lost a lot of time.
Did you forget to take them?

Officer:  Are you saying he told us the truth?
Priest:   Of course.
Thank you for bringing him back.
I'm very relieved.
Officer:  Release him.

Jean Valjean (in total bewilderment):  You're letting me go?

Officer:  Didn't you understand the bishop?

Priest:  Mme Gilot, offer these men some wine.
They must be thirsty.

Officer(retreat into the house) Thanks.

Priest (turns to Valjean with a new fire in his eye reflected in his hushed tone):
And don't forget...
don't ever forget
you've promised to become a new man.

Valjean (tears welling in disbelief):  Why are you doing this?

PriestJean Valjean, my brother,
you no longer belong to evil.
With this silver, I've bought your soul.
I've ransomed you from fear and hatred.
Now I give you back to God.
In this movie Liam Neeson plays Jean Valjean, a thief who is on parole 
after nineteen years in prison for stealing food. The scene above 
takes place after Jean is let into the home of a priest and they 
talk about his parole; he has to show the Priest his yellow passport 
before entering his home so they know he is a criminal.  He promises
to become a new man, but that night he steals from the priest and sneaks out.
The guards in the town catch him and he claims the priest gave him the 
silver he stole.  When taken back to the Priest, he says that he did 
in fact give him the gold (he didn't of course, but this is necessary
information to understand the quote) and the guards release him.

When the Priest leaves Valjean to go back inside, Valjean is left outside to collect himself.  Valjean's reaction to this utterly undeserved mercy shown to him is the most touching scene that i have ever seen in any movie.

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