Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sat Night Fashion Blob.

Didn't you know? Chic friends trump boyfriends as arm candy. Sorry boys.


Fashion Blobtime.

Wait!!! HALT! before i start, i am so perturbed. my Bump-its that i purchased online for 40bucks are now like 9.99 at any CVS or Walgreen! total suckage. :(

Here are the type of clothes i love and most importantly, feel comfortable in. Comfort has always taken priority over appearance and i find that i don't feel pretty in an outfit unless i'm comfortable foremost. Cropped cotton or knit tops with scooped necks paired with body-hugging high-to-middle waisted skirts, preferably above the knee as to avoid triple negs (see earlier post for the definition of triple negs - it's a huge faux pas unless you're clubbing in Vegas) topped off with some funky attention-grabbing shoes. This is the sort of outfit i'd go meet ppl for drinks in. The small sliver of flat stomach you see is so sexy, careless, and playful. That's why i would not wear a belt because belts tends to impart a constructed barbie-ness to outfits. i dislike the constructed / premeditated look. Oh, and this kind of outfit i find, is very slimming. Even if you're not comfortable baring your belleh, you can wear a longer t-shirt tucked into the skirt to a similar effect. For fall/winter season, you can add nylon tights to the equation. In cooler weather, i cannot live without black tights, wool leggings/knee highs/thigh highs.

I recently saw this candid of SJP filming scenes from the 2nd installment of the Sex and the City movie. I adore the outfit outfit through and through. i hate jeans and rarely ever wear them, but i love seeing jeans with zipper detailing on the ankles. keyword: detailing. it may be the jean pant's one redeeming quality and i might make an exception for all jeans if they feature special detailing--whether it's zippered ankles, balmain-esque distress with tatters and holes and acid wash galore, and... this is slightly off-subject, but i sorta/maybe dig boyfriend jeans... the baggy, rolled-ankle, live-on-the-beach type of jean pants. anyways, i love plaid - maybe being from the South i love it more than the avg jill shmill. i love it most when it's tied up like this. Man, i obviously like baring the belleh.

i also like the Geldof sisters, Peaches and Pixie.
i like how they roll. (with alice dellal who is too fiercity fierce).
they probably do hard drugs a little bit too often. just a leel bit.
only the Brits can do punk rock right. and make it look so freshly disintegrated.

And finally....
something i really want....
This is the Elise Overlund leather dress. yes, leather. stretchy too! the color is bone. cap sleeves. it's a showstopper, huh? a staple MUST buy.

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