Monday, September 7, 2009

Countdown to the Caribbean!

Liz here. I spent a full week recovering from Ca-lifornia Lo-ove and from a milder version of the swine flu known to Lizes as the piglet cold. Honest, i even grew a mini snout! As a result of my general all-around emo-ness, i removed my false eyelashes (that never happens) and took off all my makeup and looked like a homeless 12 year old... i am also in desperate need of a dye job. i look like Carrie a few days after she gets stood up at the alter by Big--ie. horrendous. The only thing keeping me from totally letting myself go and wallowing in this baseless bout of babyness is the fact that in 20 days, we jet off to the Caribbean. Yeah, so we're a smidgen off-season, *shrug* whatevs! It'll still be tropical weather! here are some real-life pics of Bavaro Beach which is where we'll be. I hate google pictures, because they're all saturated so the beaches look bluer and stuff. these are real pix taken by real people who went there, and i stoleded them off their personal blogs. IM SORRY! you can steal my pix right back when we return! :p

oh, look at my awesome photoshopping skills. doesn't it look like i'm really there? i am so excited about the pool bar! such a hazard in theory, but proper decadence, right? i've never little mermaided it up to a Bar!! and then floated off in the water, sipping on an El Presidente like a seal eating an abalone on its back. I hope to ride a horse. my sister rode one in Jamaica and got a rash on her inner thighs. gross! i will wear proper riding clothes, and not a minidress like she probably did. i will probably be awesome at riding a horse, just like Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. i'm pretty much awesome at everything, i suppose. *sniff, lower eyelids, toss hair*

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