Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday Night, i rendezvous'd with Nars for cocktails @ the Glenn Hotel's rooftop bar. You can see the Atlanta skyline from up there. It's breathtaking. There's something about being elevated so high that makes everything feel sort of... dreamlike. I'm addicted to it--to that feeling of being stuck in a dream. I love dejavu. Reminds me of being under the influence of something. Well, i can't really go into the deets of our convo because it's kind of R-Rated, but i will say.....

We sorta decided that we might jet to NYC, my old stomping grounds. I have missed it. EDIT! ok, nm. i booked it today. nyc, oct 8-11th. on the first day, we'll go to Grand Central and train it to Connecticut to see our dear Bunnie. now i need to start packing. because this is me, when i'm packing for a weekend trip:

Addict. Hello, my name is Astrid Park and I am an addict. And i dont think it's necessarily a bad thing all the time. I'm addicted to espresso. If i dont have a shot in the morning I'm a grouch. Is espresso that bad for you? It's such an upper. I love uppers. I'm addicted to faux eyelashes. As you may already know, BIG is always better. My mum told me that if I absolutely must keep wearing fauxlashes, i might as well wear the more natural looking ones from the grocery store, or Sephora...*rolls eyes* but no way, mum! i have to have #111 from the Beauty Supply store for sistas and drag queens. I'm addicted to laughing. I laugh at pretty much everything and i'm so easily amused that it almost cheapens me! i'm that slightly annoying weirdo that laughs hysterically at jokes that aren't that funny. I'm addicted to school supplies. My number one obsession right now is Sharpie Pens cuz they can write on just about anything and they don't bleed through paper. O.o Ohmenahmazing! I'm addicted to watching people drink insane amounts of alcohol. For as long as I live, I'll always be blown away by the quantity of shool that some people can handle. In LA, there was this dude that chugged 1/3 a bottle of goose right before we left the club. Freakin hot.

Friday, i stayed at home with a tummy ache. I probably food poisoned mahselfs again. I have the world's most sensitive stomach. I am the pickiest eater on the planet. I'm one of those patrons that waiters and waitresses HATE because i must customize ERRYthing. ask anybooties. Saturday, i stayed indoors and drank an entire handle of crown with 3 other people. What was I thinking? We all blacked out, and the next morning, i ended up in bed with Challs and my sister was inexplicably on the floor with a towel on her. And then he dropped an entire tall glass of orange juice on her head and she woke up screaming and crying and throwing up. Gah, what a MESS. My sis and i ended up watching the Falcons game in bed, terribly sick and hungover and screaming at the tv and then moaning in pain. We were so trainwreckaged until about 4 in the afternoon. Go Falcons, btw!

Sunday, i played host to a couple of my guy friends from NYC. We went to Whiskey Blue. Gah, i was so drunk but i started downing shots left and right anyway. I felt so sick, but as i got drunker, the sickly feeling slowly went away. More alcohol is always the cure for alcohol-sickness, aye say.

cheerio! Astrid

ps. can u believe my sister hates new york? she's never liked it.

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