Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Revelations for the New Year

i will no longer utilize facebook's status update or twitter.  You, oh blog, will be the singular and entire brainwave/stream-of-consciousness outlet[mall].  At all times.  pho sho.  werd.  not that anyone cares, but i'm just not using facebook anymore.  damn skipps!    

i'm sitting here watching Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam eating pho/busting a nut.  i wish i could eat a huge bowl of that pho.  it looks so unearthly w/ everything-in-the-kitchen-sink and all these beautiful vegetables and cow parts.  and that broth.  savory, sweet, sour, soosoogood i die.  i want to taste that rrreeal vietnam pho that a fat ugly lady w/ no teef cooked for 6 hours.  being in Perimeter, i go to dai loi.  it's vair vair delish.  i once went there by myself.  *PROUD OF MYSELF!*  anyways, so dai loi is supposedly sooperauthentic vietnamese pho (although i'm inclined to think that pretty much all pho places are run by folks who left the motherland w/ their recipes and special ingredients in tow, so it's all authentic).  however, once at dai loi, i could have sworn i saw a hispanic cook.  latino cooks ~ dood.  come on.  they are the universal cooks of the world.  at every Cheesecake Factory, brazillian churrascaria, sushi restaurant, hibachi joint, ITALIAN joint, it's a hispanic cook.  or the majority of cooks are hispanic.  i bet if you went to France and sat down at a posh lil brasserie, you could push the door back and enter the kitchen and all the cooks would be Mexican.  kinda like in Ratatouille when u enter the hustling, chaotic kitchen, it's all rats workin the line--churning out the sauces, the meats, the starches, the glorious gourmet.  so.  i hate cilantro in my pho, btw.  it overpowers everything.  i also feel sorry for bourdain at times, because i can see the childhood dorkiness and awkwardness that manifests itself on-screen in his over-culturedness/terrible dancing ability/crooked grin.  and i want to someday visit Vietnam.  it's drop-dead gorgeous and green, like a stalk of culantro.  or whatever that stinky leaf is that they bring out on top of your mung been sprouts.  

I recently got emails asking why we haven't updated in foreverandever.  i'm having a creativity/humor drought.  i even busted out my In Rainbows album by Radiohead.  Maybe i'm falling into one of my funks again.  i hate them.  remember?  i told you guys about those, right?  or maybe it's far more superficial.  like, i read laineygossip today and wondered why i can't write like that and i got all po-d to the point where i stared at my own blog and not-wrote in defiance of the fates for not gifting me w/ lainey's writing ability.  The guy who writes for is freaking hilarious also~hates him.  ugh.  here's to getting my creative spurt back!  in the meantime, i leave u w/ images of pho and me (both equally delish!! ??).
hugs, liz

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