Thursday, January 13, 2011

ATL is snowed in! (Jan 9-12 '11)

This is in front of our walkway.  We're in Perimeter, right by the mall and you could do a triple salchow on Peachtree Dunwoody RD cos it was frozen solid!  Insanity.  Atliens are NOT cut out for this type of weather because we rarely ever see snow and when we do, it dissolves instantly upon hitting the streets.  The snow is not the wacky part for us.  It's the FROZEN SOLID UNSALTED ROADS.  When we finally were able to walk to the market, produce such as eggs, milk, and bread were unavailable to us.

ps. i like the sound snow makes when you walk on it.  it's like a squish / soft crunching sound.

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