Friday, January 7, 2011


12:08 am.  I'm so happy that Sammy gets punched in the face in the next episode of Jersey Shore.  How can a girl be THAT ugly inside and out?  *golf applause*  World record for inward and outward fugliness.

12:41am.  What is with Taylor Swift and all the ill-fitting ice skater-y dresses?  I'm sick of seeing the red lipstick.  Gwen Stefani, too.  Aguilera, too.  Enough.

4:36pm.  I feel so sorry for girls in relationships where they find themselves having to go through their boyfriends' email/phone/things or combing through other ppl's blogs because they are so insecure in their relationships.  it's entertaining for me, but at the same time i find myself feeling guilty about feeling entertained and i just feel bad for them.

I also feel sorry for ppl who use other ppl as stepping stones to networking / social climbing / whatever it is they think they're doing by name dropping to other people in other states.  your stock does not go up, u loser.  ppl are not commodities or bargaining chips.  ppl see right through you.  and i hear everything and know everything you're saying (strangely, since i dont get out much).  but i do.  do u know how many Korean folks i know in the United States?  i never vent about this sort of thing, but it's getting SO ANNOYING and it's been built up and i am allowing myself to explode.  (this is why i don't say hi to certain ppl anymore.)

I abhor pathological liars.  I will call you out on that freaky shit.  Trust.  I will also laugh at you.  (and then feel bad about laughing).  But i will laugh. 

4:50pm.  I don't mind ppl talking behind my back and calling me an alcoholic pill popping cocaine cowgirl and whatnot.  Because their opinions hold no merit in the court of liz.  At least i am a decent person who doesn't lie about anything and front about anything.  However.  It is a new year and i have given up the vices of yesteryear.  Huzzah!!!  Wait- except alcohol.  I can't give up alcohol ~ i mean how does one do that?  How is that physically possible when it's everywhere?  Do u not go grocery shopping or eat at restaurants and keep yourself caged in your house (that's been cleared of cough medicine)?  I feel sorry for alcoholics.  i'm talking about the cats who wake up in the morning to a cold glass of vodka.  It's like you don't even have a frickin chance.  I heard this joke once that you never hear of alcoholics in Korea because they're all either dead or completely functional and in denial.  (you can buy a bottle of soju in the 7eleven or Buy The Way for like 3 bux).

5:03pm.  it's Zhee VAHN shee.  (givenchy)

1:41pm. Sunday. I wish i owned a football team like Cameron Diaz.

3:00pm.  My favorite accent of all time is the South African accent.  It's beautiful.

5:13pm.  I accidentally shrunk my sister's plain white t.  OOPS.  Whoever heard of a 90 dollar tshirt though?  I always forget to LAY FLAT TO DRY.  or Tumble Dry Low.  or machine wash cold.  i primarily use the washer for black tights and panties.  and i've NEVER washed my bras. is that gross?  it's just bewbs and i never sweat. EVER.  not even in a sauna.  EVER.everever.

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