Friday, January 28, 2011

Classical Music

I'm sitting here w/ my sister listening to classical music.

By classical, i mean Ratatat.  That's our generation's Beethoven/Mozart/Chopin.  All profound and videogameytechno at the same time.

I've decided that the only person who can save me from becoming Charlie Sheen 2.0 is myself.  Not cool, not cool.  My body needs a break and now i'm starting to realize how people like Keith Richards can still be alive.  One can survive many things.

Also, i'm going to just go ahead and post the pictures from Leonardo's bday on here.  Astrid wore a satin/silk blend robe like Hugh Hefner.  it was amazeballs and riDICK @ the same time.

I discovered that Maxim Mocha Gold coffee packets have 1.5 grams of fat in each.  Considering i only add about 10 tbs of water to the mix, that's not enough bang for my buck (buck = fat grams).  I don't want to drink it anymore even though it's deliciousness.  I have a knack for restricting myself.  With strange things... not always food/drinks/deliciousnesses.

Welp.  I'm getting kicked off Astrid's macbook now.  Time for some R&R until we close shop.  MUSIC TIME!  Ps.  Charlotte Gainsbourg looks a lot like my friend Soymilk J.  That's a compliment because Charlotte was in Jane Eyre (the good one) and she has an awesome sense of style and sings so daintily and reminds me of a daisy.

Lates. xoo.
Lizcifer >:)

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