Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today i was so brave~ AAACK!  *sorry ~ still feeling shock of the adrenaline!*
As you know, i'm deathly shy and afraid of confrontation.  But today, i conquered my fear head on.  Well... kinda....

For a few months now, our upstairs neighbors have been retardedly loud, letting their two big dogs run and jump around causing a mini earthquake in our unit at the most random hours of the day and night.  So i grit my teeth and tried to be patient, but after awhile, it grew into me trying to get USED TO IT (can u believe?), which then led to me having mini panic attacks and crying.  See?  i can withstand a lot before i'll go confront a neighbor.  i'm such a freaking pushover!!!

So today, after being startled awake by the sound of crazy stomping dogs, (and i refuse, refuuuuse to be roused from my slumber by anything other than the severe urge to peepee or a ring from my sister) i wrote a severe, threatening letter (2 pages long) and sneaked upstairs and taped it to their door as quick as i could before scampering downstairs w/ my heart all pounding.  Too bad it was on Hello Kitty stationary because i have no regular college rule paper.   

Let's see if it still continues....

EDIT Sunday Sept 5, 10:10pm --  i just climbed on top of the couch onto my tippytoes to knock on the ceiling and the couch tipped over and i fell onto the vase with branches and came crashing down.  I'm almost in tears!  i'm SO ANGRY!!!  i'm going to threaten the front desk tomorrow morning.  oh crap, it's labor day and they're probably off!  oh well ~ on tuesday i'm going to take my Doggy Chart and show them i mean business.  i've been documenting all the times i'm hearing either barking or stomping along with degree of loudness from 1-5, 5 being loudest.  i'm FUMING right now.  my bum hurts and i got a splinter from one of the branches i fell on.  i literally landed on top of all of them like a frigging sacrificial lamb.

i'm going to go cry now.

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