Sunday, September 5, 2010

quick blurbs

  • i think i may be dying my hair dark soon, really soon.  I'm aching for a change.  i'll probably go dark brown or black because i'd like to resemble a normal Asian again.  but i will miss the "shock factor" aspect of being blonde from the back and then turning around and KABLAM! tri neese.  *bow*  i'm going to have to purchase new hair extensions before dying it, however, as i cannot live without hair extensions (safety blanket).  *EDIT!* ok, now i'm rethinking jetblack.  i'll probably dye it chestnut brown.
  • i have to watch Wendy and Lucy and Meek's Cutoff to see what all this Kelly Reichardt plus Michelle Williams hype is all about.  Michelle Williams is my favorite actress, as you probably know.  *EDIT!*  ok, i saw Wendy and Lucy tonight.  It's this tiny verite-style indie drama about life from the viewpoint of the dispossessed (michelle williams) and holy SHMOKES ~she is magnificent.  glad i watched that, if only for her performance.  don't watch it if you can't stand indie dramas that have no significant plot or dialogue.  this one's pretty much a character study. 
  • i watched Eros last night.  Wong Kar Wai makes the rain look beautiful and so terribly sad.   
  • I also saw Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter and Sarah Polley kind of freaks me out now.  She's kinda like a possessed genius.  She was supposed to play Penny Lane in Almost Famous and when she decided against the role, Brad Pitt (who was later replaced by Billy Crudup) dropped out.  He only wanted to do the movie if Sarah Polley was attached.  Can you imagine what a different movie it wouldve been starring Brad Pitt and Sarah Polley?
  • What's all the fuss with The Sweet Hereafter, anyways?  I was left feeling empty and creeped out by all the Pied Piper of Hamelin references and the incest between Sarah Polley's character and her dad.  i didn't care for the movie at all.  but my two favorite film critics of all time, james berardinelli from and Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, practically busted an egg over it.  so i TRIIIIED to like it, too.  Fail.  :( 
  • I must see:  London Boulevard, Black Swan, Rabbit Hole, Somewhere, and Blue Valentine (also starring Michelle Williams... and Ryan Gosling.

ok that's it for now.... i need to take a shower and eat some antibiotics... i've been super under the weather lately - triggered by my period!  =(

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