Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hair...Netflix...Hollywood Hills...Ktown...Etc.

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MLK once said that if  you can't find something worth living for, you're not living at all.  So, I may not know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I'm damn sure that whatever it is, it won't be boring.

*I wrote that at 4am this morning...completely shitfaced. I know I know, so deep.*

Labor day weekend was very chilLAX.  I went to Beverly Hills, got my roots done, and then I basically wasted my freshly bleached hair by tying it up in a bun, locking myself indoors, getting into hibernation mode, and watching a billion movies on netflix...continual rotation for hours and hours...pausing only to run to the bathroom or pick up the phone.  BUT!  i'm not nearly as bad as my sister who famously "blacked out" on Sopranos, locking herself in a dark room for 3 days & watching six seasons straight.  That's 86 episodes.  Gross!  She says it's very possible to have TV blackout with the show "The Wire" as well.  I never saw The Wire.  And i never had a TV blackout, but it doesn't seem too cool.... and it didn't look so cool seeing her with bags under her eyes and gross hair when she finally came out of the dark room and into the light.  I prefer to watch TV like normal people, in healthy doses.  Not OD like a psycho.
Anyways, on Tuesday I started to get cabin fever... so I decided to call up a boybestie and went out for drinks.  Never again am I going to pretend that the night will end early, that I WON'T down shot after shot, that I won't lose an earring...OR A SHOE for that matter.  It's amazing how many jjakjehgee shoes I own--i've got myself a nice collection now.  Anyway, I got picked up and transported to Yamashiro in the Hollywood Hills.  The view is lovely.  Pam, from True Blood was there.  She looked kinda wrinkly, but still very pretty.

Anyway, they kicked us out just as we were getting in the drinking zone.  You know, that place between feeling buzzed and BUZZED?!?!

So we went to KTOWN.

And ordered Patron.  By the Bottle.

The end.

I went to work completely drunk the next morning.  After a long day's work, I went home, hoping to hop into my skivvies and sleep it off...WRONG.  I got a call from Jason oppa and his business friends.  An unavoidable drinking session with a coupla oppas.  And it happens again.

Henny. By the Bottle.

The end.

UGHH!!!  Why do we do this to ourselves?

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