Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh GAWD.  I just got a dorky, fanfiction BONER from seeing my most favorite actress in the universe, MICHELLE WILLIAMS, and quite possibly the hottest Canadian actor ever, Ryan Gosling, in this October W Mag cover.  I DIE because i'm one of those Notebook losers who becomes obsessed with the fantasy that the romance between two movie stars on film has secretly translated to real life and vice versa a la Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  The last time this type of fantasy became a fulfilling reality for me was when Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger hooked up on the Brokeback Mountain set.  I was so deathly happy.  And then when i read that Michelle and Ryan were doing a Derek Cianfrance film together ~ and a superhot, borderline smutty indie flick at that ~ i dunno how to explain the feeling.  For you dudes, it's like if you're a Miami Heat fan and you find out Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James are all going to be on the same team.  Man, I need a new hobby or a new obsession that is socially acceptable or monetarily lucrative.  *cryingface*  But i can't help it!!!  SERIOUSLAHHH~ this COVER!  Everything's gonna explode 'n collapse from too much hotness!!!  How gorgeous a couple do they make?  I LOVE THEM.  i loved Ryan since The Believer where his self-loathing character plays a Jewish boy who hides his Jewiosity behind his Skinheadosity.  I downloaded and watched it in Korea some years ago, and i was like zoh. my. got.  he's going to be a STAH.  And then he was awesome in Half Nelson, and then he was weird and lovable in Lars and the Real Girl.  I think he's the real deal... all those Mickey Mouse Club alums are.  I'm telling you now, Michelle Williams is going to become a megastar.  She's ridiculously talented and nobody has a more expressive, emotive, pixie-perfect face for the big screen.

I cannot WAIT for Blue Valentine. It's already the movie of the year for me!

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