Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Geometry's easy, yo."

OMyfreakingGAW~ that slightly manic smile.... that personality and voice... those CARDIGANS... i think i'm totally in love with Artie from Glee.  He is so freaking adorable!  I love him!  i just want to sit on his lap and let him wheel me around the hallways!  AAACK!!!  I can't handle it... anyways, Astrid and I are currently 100% makeupless (quelle horror!) in our beloved sweatpants and curled up on the lambskin rug in the middle of the living room floor in front of the huuuge HD screen watching Glee and eating Yummy Earth organic gluten free gummy bears and i'm drinking a burr.  i drink burr a LOT these days.  yep. forgot to tell you that.  i have this weird thing with soda ~ like i need that painful carbonation in my throat and when i'm out of soda, i have to drink beer.  well~ i've been out of soda for like 2 months.  so's i drink burr every other day.  one burr makes me feel purty good.  two makes me feel a little tipsy but it only lasts like 30 mins.  strange, it only makes me tipsss when i'm @ home but if i'm out and about, it doesn't work at all.  i just HAVE TO order a jack and diet or a shot of something to start off.  i have to.  anyways, back to Glee and Artie.  I just cried my eyeballs out watching today's episode with Kurt and the homophobic bully who is secretly gay.  i love Kurt, also.  he has such a dainty voice.  he'd make a pretty girl.  he is so adorable also!

kay, back to tv vegetation time.

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