Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Hail! *bow, and then continue to fall flat down on face*

V i v i e n n e    W e s t w o o d
aka Vivienne Isabel Swire 
aka My Hero and Goddess of Cool

  • She doesn't watch TV or read newspapers or magazines b/c she believes they are a waste of time.
  • She has two sons: Ben Westwood, a photographer of erotica and Joseph Corre, the founder of Agent Provocateur, the creme-de-la-creme of undies and all things sex.
  • She dropped out of art school after one term and said, "I didnt know how a working-class girl like me could possibly make a living in the art world." Instead, she became a primary school teacher. 
  • Her clothes became were first seen on the sex pistols.
  • John Fairchild (owner of Fairchild Publications and Editor of WWD) rates Vivienne Westwood as one of the world's six best designers in his book Chic Savages.  She is the only female on this list.
  • Westwood is an activist for several causes, among them: anti-consumerism, climate change, civil rights, and nuclear disarmament.
  • Westwood walked out in the first ten minutes of the London premier of Sex and the City because she says that the clothing Patricia Field featured in the film were "frumpy" and "boring". Also, Sarah Jessica Parkers character, Carrie Bradshaw, was gifted a Westwood wedding gown.
SPRING/SUMMER 2011: Lookie Lookie, she STILL gots it. i love her signature gaudiness.  all that color.

* Listen carefully to the paradox she says toward the end of this clip.  jaw droppingly faboosh. I mean, seriously, how ballsy is this 69 year old grammy...the quintessential personification of cool.

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