Monday, August 30, 2010

My Friday

After a long day at work, I got home, tossed my keys in the dish, poured myself a large glass of wine and hopped into my pjs.  And then my pal Mark asks me, "How long does it take you to get ready?" I've never gotten ready so quickly in my life.  I'm talking about zero to liftoff (from pjs to full showered freshness + full makeup + curled hair) in 30 mins.

See, here's my predicament.  It's not that I'm intentionally being antisocial and avoiding going out and partying or seeing my friends.  And it's not only because I'm super exhausted all the time.  It's because I hate hate hate driving and suck at it.  So if I'm going out, I always have to be picked up.  In Atlanta, it's already understood:  girls are picked up/dropped off and they never pay for squat.  In LA, chicks drive everywhere and paying for food/drinks is pretty normal.  I'm JUST now getting the hang of it.  Maybe being a southern bellini all my life has done spoiled me.  *shrug*

Anyway, so i got scooped up and off to Hollywood we went.  When i stepped into Birds I immediately got transported back to Athens, my collegetown.  The bar was exploding with the typical Hollywood fare... those that look effortlessly disheveled but in that suspiciously calculated and deliberate way.  I bet you every single one of them were musicians of some sort.  Inneresting.  I remember watching Californication reruns and hearing a quote that went something like:  "the amount of talent in LA at any given moment is incomparable."  I believe that's true.  Well at least the amount of big dreams anyway.  It seems everyone has stars in their eyes.  *sigh*  including myself, of course.  

I squeezed my way through the crowd and signaled for the bartender: "2 shots of patron, one cran and kettle, and a miller light please!"  The total was $12 dollars.  I kinda died a little right there.  It was like PowerHour Thursdays at UGA.... and I felt right at home.  The smell of spilled beer on cracked wooden floors... the gross bathrooms.... but I loved it.  It gave me a piece of home.

I love it when you get into that inexplicable groove while conversing with a friend... I love how you can talk about meaningless nothings yet, you leave the conversation feeling so full and satisfied.  Friday was one of those nights.  It's these kinds of nights that I have with new friends in LA that I adore.  Completely unplanned and unexpected -- why is it those kind of situations that you end up having the most fun?

Gahd, i love the way Bryanboy writes.  So unique and clever and cute.  I love his fearlessness!
  • "Ecstasy dealer isdatchu?"
  • "It's not fashion-fail, it's fashion guru ahead-of-the-curve amaze."
  • "I'm gaysian and can easily pass for a pre-teen."
  • "Please tell me this is a pisstake."
  • "What kind of fuckery is that?"
PPS.  This just in~ i realize i miss home. I'm thinking about taking a holiday back to the South soon.  My sis says let's all go to Mexico and unwind.  Sounds so delicious right about now....

PPPS.  I'm not supposed to say anything, but we (our blog) might be published in the near future!  Here's hoping for the stars!

xoxo, Ast

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