Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magical Vegas

My sister is right, Vegas is magical.  It's always been my playground... my Neverland.  A bottomless pit of sex drugs and alcoroll.  I've always been spoiled.  I've never waited in line.  Not only am i accustomed to getting table service, but it would always be the table smack dab in the center of the dance floor at the hottest club.  To be bluntly honest, Vegas is always a compilation of blurred nights, land lag (is it night or day?), poolside debauchery, and the bathroom pick-me-ups throughout the day.  My last trip with the boys was utter chaos.  It was a beautiful tornado-like disaster that almost...ALMOST killed me. haha.

So when I hopped a plane to Vegas for work... naturally, I was excited.  As soon as I landed, the blistering heat and smell of alcohol immediately brought back memories of my last trip.  The hotels brought back flashback images of swigging patron and doing lines in the morning.  Anyway, going for business not pleasure is completely different than going with a bunch of dudes for hard partying.  Not as thrilling, but I did meet a beautiful blond Italiano one night...that promised to whisk me away and buy me beautiful dresses.

Being hungover and tired and then having to work all day and then repeating the process for 3 days is pretty damn brutal.  I mean, I didn't even get to see my friend Vicky.  He was there for JUMP (shoes).  And I haven't seen him in AGES.  the night I arrived back at the peapod I collapsed.  I didn't unpack or eat or clean...i just walked over to the bed and just assed out.  Work has been stressful.  Being an adult is stressful. But I guess everyone goes through a rough patch.  I think this is something I'm gonna have to ride out.  Until Paris...and then New York. *wink*

I can't wait to see AlexaChung tonight.  They are the only chinamen I love to death.  Only because they're KOREANIZED.  HAHA!

Thought of the day:  It's so fun and exhilarating being a little rebel without a cause...very The Kills-ish.  My hair, clothes, and makeup are a little on the loud side and my personality is pretty anti-square.  I like to think I'm bulletproof but I'm human.  Being out here has made me realize that life is all about transformation.  I used to think that getting older meant becoming more ordinary and eventually becoming that homely housewife that guys want to marry.  I used to think that as I got older I had to wear skirts to my knees, flat shoes, hold my tongue more and smile demurely.  Now i see that we are who we are.  It's not like i need to alter myself to fit someone else's ideal.  I don't want to change myself for anybody.  Still, i don't want to be among the women who never marry or start families.  But I want these things on my own terms and I don't think i could fake being someone I'm not in the meantime.

PS.  Is dating someone 9 years my senior too much??
PPS.  Starry Hollywood nights... by my LA bestie, Dokemon.


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