Thursday, August 19, 2010

HULLO WOILD!  i'm back in Atlanta and poxless!  now i have super albino white spots all over my darkly tanned boday.  i look like i was totally dambaebbanged [human ashtrayed] by a chainsmoker~  so i have to go tanning until my spots match my skin because i've been noticing a few stares directed toward my neck area and i hear what they're thinking:
currently my sister is at Magic in Las Vegas and she claims she has been absolutely 100% unroofied and tame this time.  something crazy always happens in Vegas.  Why?  because Vegas is a human amusement park.  It is Pleasure Island where everyone eventually turns into donkeys.  It is a giant aquarium tank filled with just those freakyass fish from the bottom of the Continental Shelf w/ the lanterns on their heads and neon lights, crazy teef, and no eyeballs.  they're floating around all cocky in oceanic outer space like I don't need no eyeballs.  when in Vegas, i usually end up like Pinocchio, freaking out and wanting to get the eff out. 

Anyhoos, i totally saved all the pix from Astrid's facebook and posted them down there.  Look how burnt my face is!  that was from 3 hrs in the sun because i fell asleep reading a magazine sans hat or sunglasses.  dangerous!  that's cindy, eunice, and ellie ~ they're sooo much fun to kickit with.  why are pisces girls so alike?  it's uncanny.  pisces Korean girls are freaking all similar w/ similar interests, habits, hobbies, likes/dislikes, past experiences, EYES, everything!  i'm going to write a screenplay based on Pisceans.  it'll be awesome and unexpected and exciting and dangerous and glitter will spill and fishheads will roll!

What else wouldja like to know... hrm... tomorrow is my cousin Yoori's performance.  she's a jazz violinist and she got a gig downtown somewheres and i promised to be her arm haribo.  and then after is my dongseng christina's bday pahtee @ Opera.  i haven't been to Opera in nine.  Please dont be too packed, i get mild anxiety attacks if there are too many bodays in one space.  and then Saturday is Chall's 31st bday at Sound of Music.  i've never been there but i did bartend there when it was Express Bar & Lounge some 5 yrs ago.  there are gonna be like 45 ppl @ his bday.  that's a LOT of ppl so i hope SoM is adequately sized so i don't spazz.

OH wow ~ and how could i forget?  all charges in the case of the century: Walmart vs. Liz were dropped.  =)  i have, once again, a spotless record save one speeding ticket.  and all is right in the world again!  huzzah ~ and take THAT u stupid multibilliondollarglobalconglomerate!  u can't pick on me!  *fighting irish fists* *throwing absurdly economically-priced steaks at you*

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