Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not that anyone cares, but i've been getting a lilbit re - acquainted with a few things here and there this past week that make me stop and gasp a little cuz i like it so much...it tickles my lovesit bone. and when i like it i...i..LOVEit. *noah in The Notebook*

Current Old Likes that have Retuhned:

the juxtaposition of infinitely feminine, flowery, slip dresses with ubermasculine combat boots / romperstompers.

jordan nagai's adorable voice in UP...
and its beautiful message of love.

dainty strappy metallic heels, not clunky complicated platforms

awesomely funny yet touching best man speeches

natalie portman in givenchy

orangey red lipstick

sienna miller's femme fatale in alfie, more specifically, her vulnerablity that makes her relatable...
and who just happens to resemble my idol brigette bardot
Michael Vick allowed back into the NFL

betsey johnson's home

and i'll just keep adding to this list tomorrow.

*EDIT* ok, it's tomorrow and i'm at work looking at more stuffs that i suddenly like with a vengeance.

alison lohman's sad brown eyes in White Oleander

Andrew Zimmern's graciousness to all the hosts he meets in different countries.
palm trees.

this adorable little kid breaking it down. it's even cuter cuz he's bespectacled!! LOL!

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