Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BACK in a ♥ attack!

can u see me peacing?  hallluuuu there!!!!  anyways, howdydewdy blogosphere!  so it's been a long break since we spoke last; i've missed you so!  we had company come and go in the form of Robbin oppa from LA who is just uber cool!  he met all our friends and brought me and peas this OMAZING lipgloss from korea that makes ur lips look so plump and peachysheeny that i'd apply and then stare in the mirror in wonder and glory.  He even took us to see the hawks and our seats were disgusting.  he says next time he'll take us to a falcons game, but i'd probably just implode from excitement and not make it.  sometimes i'd look at him and wonder, are u santa claus?  we did a lot of drinkbingage and of course i hairline fractured my chin by falling on my face.  apparently, i'm so talented that i can break the fall of my entire bodyweight w/ just the point of my chin like some kind of chinese contortionist ~ i just need a leotard and some balancing balls.  i know i'm probably annoying w/ this by now, but i'm sorry ~ it's just that i think it's omazing how i've never actually broken anything!  i always get hairline fractures (like my pinky when i played basketball once).  i've decided it's due to the unbreakability of my superhero milkfed bones. i have the bones of a thick-set dwarf or michael turner.  ho ho ho.  (i've decided i'm sick of writing puhahaha or hahaha or AHAHAHA-for something extremely funny- and say ho ho ho.  cuz my sister actually laughs like that.  it sounds like oh ho ho ho~.....  annoying and strange.)

What else went on that i haven't written about....   hmm......  oh! E came to visit from Ha va eee and we met up with him at Havana Club.  It was crunk up in there!  I think people were on E or something... on E for E!  This svedish fish kept following E around also because he was overwhelmed by E's cuteness.  He was slightly creepy but non-threatening being a eurotrashling.  E is adorable, quick-witted, and hilarious as ever, with perfect hair and perfect skin just as i remembered him.  He is still the most original and cleverest guy i've ever met; definitely the brightest crayon in the box--like hot pink.  But he got super skinny(er) and i was worried that maybe he is overly working out or something.  Which means Mitchy probably got Hedi Slimane skinny.  After that we had to leave and go to Gold Room to say hello to Mark who was in town from LA.  Honda Xmas party was superfun!  i ate 79,002 crab claws and drank 4 jackcokes and a shot w/ the greasemonkeys of whatever they smuggled inside.  and some patron, of course.  i wore an off-white herve leger dress and covered my chin and collarbone scabs with bodymakeup and in general, felt super ladylike for once in my life!  i've decided i really like having brown hair.  it is not as attention-grabbing and ostentatious but my personality is not like that anyway so i'm comfy and happy!  some facts bout me u may not know:  i rarely wear heels and i can't really accessorize well or tote my chanel bags because i feel gaudy or something.  i love red lipstick so much, but i get too shy and end up wiping it all off with a napkin.  i could never be one of those bombshelly girls because i don't have the guts (or fashion sense) to be one.  i get happy when ppl notice or compliment me, but i feel sick to my tummy when they do.  oh well.  i think that's how all of us girls are, right?  we dress to impress and when it does, we're like OMG WHO IS THAT CREEP~ HE KEEPS STARING AT ME~AAAH!  we girls are weird creatures fo sho.  fo sho. 

The one downside to having dark hair (particularly dark asian hair) is that it does not get as much volume up top at the crown like blonde hair gets and i am obsessed w/ volume and u know the higher the hair the closer to God.  (Note:  for volume, you have to use the catwalk your highness products:  the thickening serum and root boost spray are to die for!  and their shampoo and conditioner, of course.... trust me~ nothing else works better than the catwalk your highness line and i've tried everything in zeeworld.)  anyways, i'll have to finish updating later coz i have to catch up on laineygossip (my favoritest site in the world).  talk to you later!

Love, Liz

[edit]: ok so it's later now around 1am and we just got back from seeing Black Swan.  I think i might have nightmares. :(  i'm sad to admit that Natalie Portman will have absolutely no competition for the Best Actress Oscar.  My poor Michelle Williams.  But natalie portman.... man.  What a freakin performance.  She is scary perfect.  and the scene where she's on mdma--that is EXACTLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.  ha ha ha!  nailed it, portman/aronofsky!

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