Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello guys and dolls! The past few weeks have been a flurry. As you know, Bunnie came and went and among the things we did together was go to Rathbuns. It was my first time eating there. This is probably blasphemous, but i thought it was just like every other steakhouse i've been to. But the company was exquisite - my best friend, sister, and boyfriend. Happyballs! Maybe i should taste the food next time rather than nibble on it as anjoo (chaserfood) for my jack and diets. The funny thing is that the restaurant is located in the ghetto somewhere in downtown Atl (as most outstanding resorts/dining experiences/ivyleagueschools are. As we turned a corner in the ghetto, Challs pointed out a guy in a white shirt standing next to the street sign and swore he was there the last few times he went to eat at Rathbuns. Total drug dealer. Me: "Wonder what's he got...?!!" Challs: "Hurry, go ask him." Astrid & Bees: *giggle giggle*

What else happened while we didn't update our precious blob. Hmm. My sis flew to NYC again. I was going to just drop her off at the airport but i had to go #2 sooo freakin bad. I had to go sooo badly that i decided to freakin park and walk into the airport with her. That was the most expensive poop i ever took.

I skipped class the other day to go shopping with Astrid. It may sound like vapidness overload and all, but i'm pretty smart (in the sense that i never study and always make A's - yes, i am one of those a-holes) and my classes sometimes bore me to the point of drunkenness. Moreover, some of my classmates are retarded; thus, on occasion, i have to get out for fear of suffocation by dumbassness. Anyhoos, I got a nude Herve Leger banded high waisted skirt. it's so gorgeous. I die when i envision it in my closet. I am def wearing it to next Fri's festivities. (FYI: Astrid, Sophia Yun, Sophia Shin, and i are throwing a joint bday blowout on March 12th @ MF Room.)

When i was trying it on in the dressing room, the flaming dr pepper storekeeper kept swooping the curtain aside to hand me items to try on with it, a nude knit blouse, a leather gladiator belt, freakin costume jewelry pieces he thought looked perfect with the ensemble. and i was, like, naked. except for my sexy leopard print braaaa... aaaand.... granny panties. I bet he was thinking, wtf, this girl is just confuuuuzed. AnDEN, after i was sure he couldn't possibly have more items for me to throw on, i slid out of my granny panties because... come on... it's Herve Leger. you can't wear underwear. But of course he prances in all johnny weir-dly and hands me a different color. Dude, he totally saw my granny panties on the floor staring up at him all garishly. HA HA HA!!! Whateves. He probably barfed in his mouth.

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