Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Je ne sais quio

I've got mad love for Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, daughters of the legendary Jane Birkin. True, they're not classically beautiful, but have bridled that unmistakable, that ever elusive je ne sais quio. Frumpy, bumpy-nosed and flat-chested--yet absolutely stunning in an i've-never-seen-people-so-memory-ingraining. How is this even possible? Makes me question our standard of beauty. It differs not only across races of people, but even more microscopically, within those races. These woman aren't even human, they're like borderline Courtney Loves; their only dividing quality being restraint: not making fools of themselves and entering into the crazy realm of utter Courtney Love-ness, which would otherwise render them uninteresting. Moderation is everything. Even in fashion and attitude.

Charlotte--how i loved her in Jane Eyre.
So ethereal.

and Lou Doillon. her attitude is staggering to me.
Shows in her dress.

I wonder how i might learn those qualities? You know how the Mona Lisa is ever-described as mysterious and quietly exciting and soul-stirring? How can i be like that? I want to be a Liz who is less in-your-face, and more in-the-background and yet somehow not forgotten. i can't seem to find a balance. I'm tired of only knowing how to do things in the extreme.

--Pensive Liz

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